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This will be my blog only for my personal review of Arrested Development the show season 3 and beyond.(including season dvds) How I review the episodes are: *-One star means not up to Arrested Development standard **-Sorta funny but loses that "ting" ***-Funny and charming, may not be the best but good. ****-Awsome Arrested Development episode! *****-A classic that will forever be remembered!

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Development Arrested (fka Harboring Resentment) FINAL EPISODE :(

Well this is it.....the last of the last of the last maybe we will see arrested development again...if was one funny memorable ride....

Well the Bluth family is out of any trouble they had in the past soooo the whole Bluth family goes and has a party to celebrate...sounds like everything is truly allllllright...right??right??

Well as the party is being made the whole Bluth family finds out they have 5 percent of the whole company, Micheal not wanting to them to sell it to some other company trys to keep everyone i line no matter what!!(even staying in bed with Tobias for 20 mins-watch the episode).George Micheal finally tells his father about his crush on Maebe and the making out (ew). Micheal not knowing what to do just tells his son to hook up with Ann for the party (for a quick attempt at fixing this kissing cousins syndrome that has taken over his son). Well George Micheal decides to meet Ann but found out that Gob is dating Ann (oh cmon thats just wrong)Which led George Micheal to punch Gob and run off with his boat home. While thats happening Lindsay finds out that she is not related to the Bluths but is adopted (baddabum!!!). Now this gets a little weird, when she finds out that she is not related but also that she is 40 (not acting too well to that peice of info there) she goes and hits on Micheal (EW). Well in the end Micheal goes and finds his son George Micheal who ran away with the boat and fixed out their problems. At the boat cops came to arrest Lucille who did some bad stuff, who told on her??The korean kid who wanted revenge for her taking the idea of the bananastand idea from his father.

This is a good episode but also may be the last episode eva. Though i hope it isnt the last because many questions yet to be answered. Will the relationship of Maebe and George Micheal hold? Is the funke marrige will hold???Where the hell is STEVE HOLT???Maybe these question weren't meant to be asked...who knows....lets hope this isnt the real end.....and if it is........goodbye arrested are the funniest show i ever known...........i give this episode


Bye bye

Exit Strategy

This show showed us it had an amazing exit strategy.

Well first off Gob got himself in jail in an Iraqi prison (go watch the episode). Everyone forgot Maebe's birthday so George Micheal decided to make one for her. And Tobias is being set up, he think that he is going to a shop class but in fact he is being set up into giving info on the bluth family.

Well Buster and Micheal go to save Gob (Buster decided to go and prove to his girl of his dreams who is the nurse that took care of Buster when he was in a fake a coma.). When they get there they easily get GOB out of jail (too easy). But they also decided to go see the bluth model house that was build in Iraq. They find out that Saddam Hussien lookalikes live there. Also finding a secret room where a bomb is placed, a CIA agent comes and arrests them. But then finds out that it was lisening device sent by the CIA. Even though they didnt do anything wrong, they still must be killed because...well they know too much about stuff and secret stuff. But in the end Buster saves the day (yay). Also no one came to the suprise birthday party. George Micheal sent out a ton of birthday cards and doing so even sent one to Maebe's studio boss which got her fired. In the end Maebe and George Micheal took some fake wine (with bad intentions of course) and made out (ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew) what makes it worse is that later they find out that Maebe is a real bluth with real photos showing much for the name :(

This episode i thought was one of the best of the last 4 episodes so i thy give this one..


But damnit where is my STEVE HOLT :(

Family Ties

This is the 2 of the last 4 episodes of Arrested Development.......
This personally to me was very funny indeed.

Well George Bluth realizes that there is REALLY a Bluth, called Nelly (really it aint that Nelly). So he goes out and finds her.

Ah the episdoe to me was preeety funny. George Micheal goes and he thinks he found his long lost sister. But she is a prostitute in real life and isnt really his sister but a prostitute that his father knew (but only talked about his feelings to her). Also he found out that her pimp was not Frank (Mr.F....heh) it was Franklin, or well Gob using Franklin's voice. He met her after one of his shows and is given 10 percent of all her money she makes, what he does is using the tough Franklin voice to make appointments with people. Also the workout girl that Tobias likes is actually a man which he made a date and is also having the same date with Lindsay. A funny line said in the episode where Micheal gets a phone call from the office on what happened when he put his fake sister to work at the bluth company... "really all the guys like her..that is that is mean to put away on the end of it, because without it you know sounds a little diffrent, well thats great, you forgot to put away on it again..." ....and then talks to lindsay "well the whole staff was blown away."

Good episode but where is STEVE HOLT damnit!!!!

Fakin' it

Ah the last days of arrested development...put into a 4 episode block......

Well it seems that the Bluths are going into a celeberty judge court and making Micheal into their lawyer. At the same time Micheal realizes that there is an N Bluth that his father is setting up. Buster pretends to goes into a coma because he was afraid of all the info he knows (a big sissy). And at the hospital George Micheal accepted a request by some hospital staff to do a fake wedding to make old people happy, he accepting having his secret crush Maebe to be his fake bride (ew).

This of the first of the last four wasn't terribly funny at the beggining but later the laughter warmed up (the laughter was probably wasnt there much in the beggining because its been like month man since we seen arrested development!) And the ending of the episode left big shocks and awes (would have been more effective if there was another episode coming in the next week, but oh well 4 episodes on one day is mighty good anyways). An example is Micheal finding out that there is a real other sister Nelly (no not that Nelly), and George Micheal and Maebe actually getting married. I would of gave this a higher grade but there is no freaking STEVE HOLT!!!!!

Arrested Development....i will miss your laughing induced episodes..:(

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Ah now the show is making fun of its despair, thats real despair folks.

The bluths company is going downhill, so the family decided to have a funraiser (SAVE OUR BLUTHS man!!) to try to save the company. Whats also going on is that Tobias trys to become a father figure for Maebe by making her work with him on making gift bags to acting recruiters. Also Lindsay trys to take care of the home by cooking and cleaning but instead can't do anything right (and of course she doesnt know that). Also George Micheal has trouble expressing his feelings..(too girly).

A quite depressing episode. Very very very depressing. Its preetttty much making fun of its despair on their ratings and their most likely cancel of their show. In fact many of the memorable quotes are based on this sad realization. With George and Senior talking about who would support their funraiser .Such as George Senior saying "I dont think The Home Builders Organization would support us" George replying "Yeah, I don't think HBO is not going to want us." George senior saying "I think its show time".Or the narrator just flat out saying "Please tell your friends about this show." And this episode is taking every gimmick on purpose like having 3-D scenes where you gotta put your 3d glasses on. Also bringing in tons of celebertys. But the episode isnt exactly that funny. The despair about our show jokes are funny but yet the episode doesnt seem funny all around. And it doesnt have STEVE HOLT!!!(those bastards...not Ron Howard though, i luv that guy....not in a gay way)

So I must give thy despairing and depressing episode


Oh arrested development, you guys just made me oh so more depressed :(

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Making a stand

Well another episode!!!!!

In Micheal Bluth's history with his brother Gob is that their father George Senior made them fight each other as kids and taped it. Now Micheal realizing that his father was once again trying to make him and Gob and fight decided that George Senior needed to be teached a lesson.....but it doesn't go so well, also while this was happening Lindsey decided to divorce Tobias in favor for Boblawbla, but at a big twist Tobais's lawyer is infact Bobblawbla (muwhaAAAAAA!!).

Well it was a pretty funny episode, there was an ood amount of quotes from this episode (guess the writers just wanna cram in as many quotes as possible before the show gets the axe). There is "I have to feed the pidgeons, Steve Wonder didn't and he lost a nut" to "And thats why you don't use one handed people to scare people!!!". Though it wasn't a whole lot funny in the beggining but in the end it will get you laughing. I really liked the end where everyone gave each other a lesson...quite funny. And I would l like to say that...drum roll please (dadadadadadad) this episode showed.............................SSSTTTEEEVVVEE HHHOOOLLLTT!!YAYAYA
I give this..


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Prison-Break In

Another episode ayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayay.

Well now after Rita and Micheal broke off their wedding he was pretty sad for a quite a while, seeking some comfort with his mom Lucille (ahhahah) he realizes that the company is having another funraiser (companies need to make money ya know) and this time it would be centered around Tobias who is dying because of his hair (and the only cure is to cut it off, which pretty much speaking not going to happen until after the funraiser). But also the funraiser is taking place in a prison and guess who is going to host......The Warden!!!DADADUM!!!Micheal also finds out that his mother could be having a real relationship and he doesn't think that's right (not counting George senior's brother).

It was a pretty funny episode but most of the jokes are pretty much one liners but there is still some mermorable moments like Lucille saying "That is so sad, I would of cried but,I don't think I sould waste my moisture". Maybe if they shown STEVE HOLT I would be more pleased.
I give thy..

If you disagree with me I will laugh at your wrongness mwuahahahahaha!!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The ocean walker

Well even if the arrested development series is on it's doomed death bed we can still enjoy of the very few new episodes coming out (fox cut the show to 13 episode ouch), and this is one of them that sould really please...and no more Charlize Theron yay!!!!

Micheal and Rita are about to get married when then Micheal has thoughts that she could just be after a green card and not his lovely love (what took this issue up is that the fact that Micheal and Rita still didn't have woopie yet). So he plans to have Rita and him have woopie romanticaly at a hotel. What complicates things is that her Uncle is trying in all his power to stop the wedding. And Micheals mother and George Senior are trying in all their power to get the wedding going after figuring out she was dumb as a rock but filty rich tryed to get Micheal and her hitched before Micheal finds out, which later on he did but now he has conflicting feelings on what to do....should he just marry or her or dump her oh the tension!!!!!!!!!

An awsome episode though I was dissapointed that many of the characters didn't have much of a role in the episode (Tobias was just an ood guy in a wheelchair with long trailer trash hair style with few lines,don't ask though......) and there was no STEVE HOLT at all, no Bob Lawbla,err something like that, no traces of George Seniors brother and worst of all............the speaker for George Senior was FIRED AHHHH. Well even with those things they are all forgivin...for no more Charlize Theron muwhahahahahahah, ah no more annoying fake british voice (like madonna)..........but then again...there could be no more arrested development either.......well we might as well enjoy it as they come...for this could be the best comedy show ever...the world would seem pretty blue without it. I give this...

Arrested Development live on forever!!!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Episode 45 Mr.F

At the Bluth company a mole problem in some of the building land have leaked to the Japanese investors. And what answer did the family have agreed on except Micheal? Rita being a british spy and telling all the infomation Micheal tells her (wow they could be right...or are they?).

Very funny like always. And I don't want to spoil but Rita and Mr.F have something in common, and it ain't what ya think. Some of the funniest I've seen like Tobias being in a mole suit, with George Micheal in some Jet pants crashing into each other in a miniture suburb (I just don't want to explain it).I give this..

You dissagre with me? Toooo bad!

Notapusy episode 44

Micheal found out that his british bombshell Rita (Charlize Theron wha wha!) was on a train to go somewhere. Not wanting her to go whereever she's going, he runs after her. Rita so delighted that he ran for her called him a uh a "word" (just read the episode title and take out Nota). Micheal thought it meant weak, but to that British bombshell Rita it was sweet and gentle(gotta love that british language!). So Micheal set out to prove to Rita that he was a manly man and gone to the statefair to do some manly games with Gob's son STEVE HOLT! (unable to take his son George Micheal for he was going to the Beauty Paegent with Ann ew) which Gob has been trying to run away from.

An awsome episode, it's really getting the Arrested Development season going into full auto.
It's pretty funny but Charlize Theron's (wha wha!) acting gets so annoying though. Good overall.



Saturday, October 22, 2005

Episode 43 Forget Me Now

Alright lets get this review started!

The Bluth family had hired a new lawyer (where lindsey trys to flirt with thinking it's working, which it really isn't) Bob LawLob (serious) with a serigrate for George Senior. The mysterious and suspicious Rita (Charlize Theron we ha!...mmm...looks like a spy..opps!) having a date with Micheal lead to the question of Micheal having a family. Having flashbacks of his family ruining his dates said he didn't have a family (who wouldn't?). Buster recieved a medal from the army, where George Senior wanted to have a party for it (but really was just an opening for an escape). Tobias trys to help Buster overcome his fear of seals. Maebe and Steve Holt became a couple (but Maebe did this to hide her crush on George Micheal, ah..young love..cousin love?EW!) And George Micheal finds out that Steve Holt is his cousin.

The best season3 episode I've seen so far. Every scene there is a great quote and big laughs. From the forget me now pills. To analrapist (an-a'-lra-pist you perv!) buisness cards Tobais put out (he was a mix betwwen an analist and an theripist). Awsome Awsome Awsome episode check it out now! I rate this a perfect..

Can't wait for Notapusy!!!!!!!

Episode 42 British BombShell

Ah another episode of Arrested Development! Eh...this one is..average...

Micheal finding his father (his father George Senior pulled the cottege home where Micheal and
George Micheal were sleeping in out of the Reno area with a truck) makes him wear an ankle bracelett so he wouldn't escape his wife's apartment. And so he is begging for his release from his horny wife Lucille (ew). To save money expenses from attorneys (attorneys are expensive these days) he tells his father to plead guilty, but George Senior tells he was set up by the British (I knew it!). So Micheal goes down to Wee Britain (Does that even exist?MMM) to find the british women Rita (Charlie Theron wa ha!..wait she aint british!) and asked her out (well kinda).Gob plans to make a magic stunt to avoid spending time with his son (which is STEVE HOLT!) which he found out he had a son at the Son and Dads reunion. And Tobias trys to be in the magic show (even if he has to wear a wig).

Well the episode had it's classic Arrested Development laughs here but it got old when yet again they had a chiken dance in front of Micheal this time the whole gang is in it (George Senior,Lucille,Lindsey,and Gob,but he was too late to join). They really need to stop putting that in the show. Also this notes that first time viewers wouldn't know the history behind the chicken dance and may laugh but be confused by some parts of the story, but luckly the show constantly reminds the viewer of important things that happened in season one and two (not including the chicken dance).It may not be the best but still good.I rate this..

The next episode is waaaaay better!

Season 3 episode 41 (season 3 first episode) The Cabin Show

Ah,nothing is better than a new season of Arrested Development. The first episode of Season 3,ah life sooo good. Here's my review...

Micheal Bluth just found out that his company just moved up to a "Don't sell". So excited that he gone to gloat to his father (George Senior) in prison just to find out that it was Oscar (George Senior's twin brother). His son (George Micheal) trys to avoid Maebe after their "accidental" kiss in the last episode of Season 2. Mistakenly make Micheal thinking that he didn't spend enough time with him which led him to George Micheal to the family Cabin. But first cancelling the campout with his bro Gob (which is dejavu considering that Gob have been turned down for every campout with his father George Senior who was out with a mystery women). But when finding out that his father was still out had to cancel the trip with his son (so much dejavu!) and search for his father in RENO (from some info he had learned). Gob still sitting on the doorstep saddened by his dejavu confrintation had been given a letter by SAD, Sons and Dads reunion.Tobias in Reno was working as a waiter in Shallows (a family resteruant in day, a erotic playhouse by night eh eh) and Lidsey wanted Tobias back. And uh oh yeah George Senior became a blueman. Oh and Lucille was off her Post Pardom Depression pills, and is a bit cranky and becomes worse with her son Buster's snoring.

Overall a pretty good Arrested Development episode I rate...


Bye Bye

Arrested Development Season 2 disk review

Ah Season 2, gotta love it.

The story: George Senior had a fake heart attack and was taken to the hospital and escaped. Because of new info about George Senior working with Saddam, Micheal is put on the hot seat which beyond his control he couldn't move to Arizona with his son George Micheal which he last stated in the last episode of season one. Life is just getting hard, besides the FBI on his ass, his son George Micheal (who's idea was to name him that?) has a girlfriend named Ann(ultra religeous, and not really pretty) which he REALLY doesn't like for no real reason. Lidsey and Tobias decide to go on a "break" to find other people. And also Tobias decided to turn into a blueman. Buster is sent away to the army by the mother Lucille. And Buster also loses his hand to a seal. While Lucille has a relationship with George Senior's twin brother Oscar. George Senior himself escaped to Mexico with Kitty (his secretary). But then got busted by the Mexican police because they thought he was Oscar. Bribed them he escaped to the Bluth's model home and now lives up in the attic (with Micheal knowing). And uh Gob is uh doing his thing I guess.
Once again the cast and crew have done an excellent job. This show is still awsome. Though there are only 18 episodes every single one is awsome. And though the extras are less, it's still all goooood.
I give this baby!


Season One Disk Review

This is what started it all, the season one of Arrested Development. From the pilot to the last episode, it was all gooood. Plenty of good stuff to go around.
The story: Micheal Bluth (the most responsible child) taking as the role as presedent of the Bluth Company after his father George Senior was taken to jail for embezzemt of his company. Forced to live in a model home with his son George Micheal and his sister Lindsey and her Husben Tobias with daughter Maebe (which George Micheal inapproriately has a crush on). While his father is having a time of his life in prison. Micheal is trying to keep sane with his mean mother Lucille and her 30something son Buster(who has a panic attack at every move) and his magician brother (who really REALLY needs a good hug).
The cast is excellent. And acting superb. Each character is so diffrent and interesting. From Micheal Bluth the only sane person around who is having hell keeping his family from destroying each other and keeping the Bluth company afloat. Or self absorbed Lindsey, or the never nude pshycologest turned actor Tobias who is having trouble keeping their marrige afloat. Or the rebellious Maebe. To the poor poor George Micheal (especially being named that which is open to many jokes) who everyone around him is crazy and the girl he likes (and ain't ugly) is his own cousin..poor kid.
The extra are pretty good with commetaries and documentaries and deleted scenes but isn't the reason you will buy the DVD.
I rate this...

Awsome stuff! Go buy it now.Or Die!!!!